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Re registering our Rv in texas

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Hi Fellow Escapees

We are from Australia and for quite a few years were spending  quite a few months of the year travelling around your beautiful country in our Rv We had our address registered to the escapees in Livingston and our motorhome registered in Texas and all had been going swimmingly until the dreaded covid  pandemic hit and we were unable to travel back to the USA.

previously as we were travelling there every year  and out Motorhome is stored in Houston it was easy for us to get our motorhome inspected and re registered each year when we got there. Now  as we have not been able to get there for the last few years that was not possible.

 In the first year that we couldn’t come over I tried when the registration was  due  to go on to the  registration website  and tick the box that we were currently out of state so we could delay the inspection until we could return and still keep the motorhome registered. But ever time I clicked that button it would not go through as it seemed to pick up that I was outside the USA  and would not let me continue. The upshot of all of this is that the registration has now lapsed.  And there was nothing we could do about it from over here
We are returning to the US  in August this year and I am not sure now how we can  now go about getting our motorhome registered again
we will be getting the inspection done on it  as soon as we arrive but now don’t know whether we are going  to have problems getting it re registered  WIll we have problems with Domicile .?  as all we will have is our Escapees address and our passports  and probably receipts for the storage company for the motorhome storage while it has been in Houston 

 Someone that we spoke to said that we might have to apply for a temporary Texas licence through Livingston

 if that is so and we have to travel to Livingston from Houston  to get it  done can we drive our motorhome after it is inspected   or would we have to hire a car  and then drive  that back to Houston after we get the licence to attend to the registration . I only ask this due to it saying that if you have been out of state  you have so many hours to get  an inspection  done and present it. But if the registration is lapsed I don’t know if this rule would still apply 

 if anyone has any information that might be helpful to us that would be appreciated it is sometimes all so hard to deal with these things when you are half a world away




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The first thing that I suggest that you do is to call the Polk Co. Tax office ((936) 327-6801) and discuss the problems with them. I would be very surprised if they have not dealt with the same problem that you have in the past. I can tell you from my own experience that in Texas there is provision for renewing the vehicle registration for a vehicle that has been stored and not on the road at all for more than a year. We were with a friend when he registered a travel trailer in a different county of TX that had been stored on his property but not used and not registered for 2 years. They had him fill our an affidavit stating that the vehicle had not been on public roads in that 2 years and then complete a normal registration. 

Texas Administrative Code


(3) If the county tax assessor-collector or the department determines that a registrant has a valid reason for being delinquent in registration, the vehicle owner will be required to pay for 12 months' registration. Renewal will establish a new registration expiration month that will end on the last day of the eleventh month following the month of registration renewal.


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As Kirk said--call Polk County tax office, bet they can help you.  As to inspection, I have gone way past the 3 days to get an inspection but not the registration--handle it each year online as I am not in state when due.   I know around Houston, have seen police in the u-turn lanes under overpasses watching for expired registrations--you would be surprised how busy they were.

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