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Professional RV Weigh Stations

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Hey there folks. I'm looking for places that do professional RV weigh-ins and height/length measuring, like Smart Weigh.

I am not looking for CAT scales or logging truck scales. 

The RV Safety and Education Foundation has weigh-in events, but can anyone tell me if there are other businesses that give the same kind of weigh-in that Smart Weigh does at Livingston and Florida?  I'm so bummed that the Arizona location is closing. 




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Have said this before- if you do not need "certified" weights, show up at a moving/storage place with a box of donuts & you're probably good as gold. Most have exterior readouts, may be on even when they're closed.

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40 minutes ago, LiveWorkDream said:

Hey Kirk, be careful, my antivirus software just blocked me from visiting RV Weigh because it's a known virus risk. 

I just used Norton Antivirus to check it and they do not have any problems with it so it must be something about the antivirus you are using. I have been to their site many times and have sent others to them who have been very pleased with what they received.

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