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Adding water to truck


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I believe we have sister trucks, Freightliner Century with Detroit 14L. In the 10 years we have owned it, I have not added any water mix to our radiator system, so I would question what your putting in as normal.

Now it is possible that when we get our about once a year PM done, they have added some then but I never notice it on my bill.

You may want to have a good mechanic check it out. Might be the start of something more serious like injectors or head gasket.

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On 2/26/2022 at 5:02 PM, Moresmoke said:

I lose about a gallon every winter from my Volvo. Radiator leaks when it is cold. Never leaks in summertime temps. Eventually the radiator will need replaced but for now it works.

We just changed the radiator on our '98 Volvo 610.  We had a small crack at the top drivers side tank. In freezing weather you could set it steaming on occasion but not all the time. 

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