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5112 Dual Voltage - Dual Inverter - RV Lithium System - Mike Mas


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Hello Escapees, I just completed my latest (Independent Non-Sponcered) Lithium RV upgrade video named “5112 Dual Voltage - Dual Inverter - RV Lithium System”. The 5112 system is unique and different than any other lithium system in operation today. I designed the 5112 System for larger Class A, Super C and Bus Conversions and for owners who require extended 50 amp off the grid service.

What makes the 5112 system unique, is instead of the standard two “House & Chassis” battery groups, the 5112 system incorporates the use of a high capacity ”Third Lithium Battery Group” used exclusively for 120 volt inversion. Powering the inversion system is four Lithionics 51 volt battery modules which output 30,720 watt hours, comparable to twenty five 100ah lithium batteries or fifty AGM batteries.

Using a Victron Quattro 5000 watt 48 volt Inverter, the system can easily power two air conditioners, a cook top and refrigerator at the same time and still have reserve power. A single charge can power an A/C unit for 4-5 nights, or for even weeks with its solar system.

Through the use of high voltage 51 volt lithium batteries, the system uses 75% less amperage than 12 volt inverter system which eliminates past heat related losses, associated with 12 volt lithium inverter systems.

The 5112 system also included upgrading the AGM house batteries to lithium as well, outputting 4,032 watt hours used solely for the RV’s slides, jacks, pumps and lights without the draw of an inverter. This 12 volt group is also capable of starting the Cummins diesel engine. This 5112 system was installed in a Canyon Star 3927 front engine Diesel toy hauler.

This review also include my fully automatic “Anti-Winterizing Heater System” which eliminates the need to winterize the RV. The system heats the entire coach, water tanks, pumps and batteries. The electric heater system is powered by the 5112's 51 volt lithium system and capable of extended heating even during power failures.

I hope you find the film both enjoyable and informative.

Stay Safe - Mike Mas

5112 Dual Voltage Dual Inverter System Link:



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