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Apple's M1 Pro MacBook Pro is an amazing Windows 11 laptop


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Interesting stuff although a bit ironic.

The short version:

1. Microsoft blew it in 2012 with the Surface RT on Arm Architecture because they made it unable to use any email client other than outlook mail on the web. Fail

2. This while introducing Windows 8 that did stymie some folks resistant to change. Damn near failed.

3. Microsoft did a second attempt to do arm with their Windows phone and when they did not catch up soon enough they abandoned Windows mobile for a second Arm fail and abandoned us users again!

4. Microsoft came out with the Surface X and it looks like they are failing fast there too because Windows has issues on it even though it was designed for Windows! As well -------+

5. This may work on Windows machines in 2025 that can't run Windows 11.

Windows 11 Runs terrific on Apple's Arm architecture MacBook Pro systems.

Microsoft tried Windows on Arm architecture (Cellphone and now iPad hardware chipsets, now MacBooks too) and some MacBooks and eventually all Mac products and they will design their own chips like the old pre-2005 switch from their own PowerPC chips to Windows boxes that only had an added TPM chip so OSX would not run on non Apple machines lacking that extra chip. Of course it was hacked and called the Hackintosh when Apple OS was run on non-Apple PCs. Of course you could run Windows on any Apple Mac or MacBook as well as Linux.

Ironically Microsoft tried doing Windows on Arm in 2012 with the new Surface RT tablet which I owned and was an abysmal failure because they made it unable to load Windows programs and it could not do local email only Outlook online for the first nine months it was out. I sold mine after a few weeks only because I was not waiting and HP had a laptop with a removable screen making it a hybrid tablet with a detachable metal keyboard with more ports in an 11.5" screen size. I loved Windows 8 then 8.1 and then Windows 10 and I like Windows 11 now too. So Microsoft blew it with Windows on ARM while Apple had their Arm development ongoing. Microsoft made the Surface Pro line and after a few stumbles with ten inch screens they found the ideal with the Surface Pro 3 that ran the same programs my desktop and laptop run.


"The process of getting your hands on Windows 11 Arm and getting it installed on macOS is pretty straightforward, and Parallels has outlined the process here.

Since I don't run Windows a whole lot on my Mac, this is something I've been testing slowly over the past few months. I initially felt that possible compatibility issues with Windows 11 Arm would make the whole endeavor painful, and that I'd have to give up on having Windows on my Mac and run Windows on a Windows laptop.

This initially made me a little hesitant in recommending this path to others.

However, given the great job Microsoft has done, how well Windows 11 Arm supports a broad range of different applications, and the fantastic job that Parallels have done in supporting Windows 11 Arm, I've actually had zero issues whatsoever.


I've now got a version of Windows 11 running on my Mac, and I have access to everything that I need.

Life is good.

In fact, it's weird that when I do switch to a Windows machine how I feel that the experience is very often a second-rate experience. The power that the M1 Pro system offers, especially when the system is running on battery power, absolutely blows away the competition.

It really is hard for Windows users sometimes to comprehend that I can be running macOS and Windows 11 side-by-side, along with a whole bunch of apps, and the power and performance that is on offer just feels pretty much limitless.

There's just no comparison whatsoever.

Also, the cooling on the new MacBook Pro is so much better and more efficient than any Windows laptop I've ever tested. Despite running system-intensive apps under both macOS and Windows 11, I barely ever hear the fans come on.

Also: Best MacBook and Mac Mini deals

It's still unclear to me what Microsoft's longer-term intentions with Windows 11 Arm are. But for now, the combination of an M1 Pro MacBook Pro, Parallels Desktop for Mac 17, and Windows 11 Arm is an absolutely winning combination.

So, this is my endorsement of Windows 11 Arm running in Parallels Desktop for Mac 17 on the M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

For me, there's no better way to run Windows 11 than on a Mac."













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