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Bluefire for diesel

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11 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

Thanks for the information, I cannot use it though. I have a 6-pin 1999 chassis and that link says not for a MH.

Ray, we used this on our 2002 Dutch Star 4097  spartan chassis/ Cummins 350. Worked like a charm. The plug has 9 pins but if you look close at the picture you'll see that only 6 pins have connectors. If you look at your data port on your coach that's the pins that feed data to the bluefire.

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1 hour ago, Ray,IN said:

I'll have to check the under-dash plug again.

Does this 9-pin to 6-pin adapter come with your Bluefire?


Only thing i have is what's pictured. You should be able to find any info you need on Bluefires web site, they have tech support as well as a forum that can answer your questions. I'm far from an expert about these and don't want to give you bad info. I know it worked well in our application. 

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