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Wanting to upgrade our 2018 30' FR3 to a nicer Class A.

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This is where we are starting at:  Length between 30 - 36 feet.  Less than 6 year old and looking to spend between $100,000 and $180,000.  We will be wanting to sell our Class A, after we purchase a RV that fits our lifestyle.  We bought our's new.  It has been wonderful and we have really enjoyed it.  Everything works great and looks great.  We keep it under a roof when not traveling but we would like to upgrade to a littler longer unit with upgrade finishes.

Thanks for any leads and information helping us find the RV we are looking for!

Lee Jones

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If you can wait some time, good deals are on the horizon.  Right now RVs seem to be priced high, not as high as last summer but still high.  Once the Covid buyers/users get bored or decide to spend their payment $ elsewhere, I expect prices to come way down likely due to high supply. 

Although there is still the availability of units from people coming off the road or looking to DOWNSIZE as you are UPSIZING.  So some time and effort looking will likely pay off.

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You may want to consider selling the present RV now but then wait a year or so to buy so that the RV market can stabilize. It does seem that restrictions and risks are at last declining and that should loosen travel activities and I agree that some of the recent RV buyers will choose to return to the motel/hotel method of travel. If we are right there will be a dramatic increase in available used RVs and that should bring the prices down. 

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