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In search of an app

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I'm in search of an app that I used all the time, actually in the background all of the time. I am recovering from a crash with a new new computer, long story. I didn't really lose much data because of that app and I was able to recover much off of the old C drive. Please don't tell me about how I SHOULD have done it that's not important now.
I run three drives in my computer, "C" basically only has programs on it. All working files are on "D" with "E" getting duplicates of the really important stuff on "D".

I had an app that handled that backup stuff. I could set it for each folder by time as little as 15 minutes for each folder from any drive to any drive.  It was easy to use without
doing any writing of batch code, and it was free. Problem is I can't remember the name of it or, where I got it. I've spent 2 days trying to find something that is close. 

Hoping someone has something they like.

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