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Texas Automobile Registration when out of state.

John Rome

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That is the easiest but to my knowledge you can still do by mail with a written declaration that you are out of state traveling  and when you get back home you have 3 days to get the safety and maybe smog inspection depending on your address for the vehicle. I think I did this last about 3-4 years ago.  I use the mail forwarding at SKP's as my domicile. Polk County is very easy to work with in this regard. I think last time I had to send a photo copy of my insurance card and drivers license for the check I wrote. I called the tax office in advance to verify the correct amount for the check.

A few years ago I registered and title a vehicle there by mail that I bought out of state and somehow wrote the check slightly wrong by a dollar or some small amount. That slowed everything up an necessitated a second call to Polk Cty. tax office but they just waited for me to send a second check to cover the amount I was short. In most of my TX life I used other Texas counties and they were not near as easy to deal with.

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4 hours ago, John Rome said:

TY.  renewed my Jeep in Polk county using TXDOT online registration. It was easy and did not have to show proof of insurance. Used Credit card for payment.

Glad that it worked out for you.  The reason that you didn't have to show proof or insurance is that the online registration system checks an insurance database. You may not have noticed but there is a message displayed during the process that says "insurance verified" or something like that. 

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