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Old Goat's corner. History repeats itself


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From about 2004 to 2012, wife and I were heavily involved with the MDT BoF group. The group right above ours in the list of forums. The relationship soured, partly because the HDTers were not very kind to the pickup and MDT owners and created their own "dark side" HDT BoF forum. Some of you old-timers might remember this. Nevertheless, this was (and is) the group from which we emerged and I remember the tremendous activity, technical exchanges and long time friendships we established in those years. Also in those years we took over the MDT BoF quarterly Newsletter and made it into a "powerhouse" of publication (from 4-6 page "flyer" to 32 pages publication some quarters). Since I was in my archives (working on the other post), I caught a little bit of humor in the Fall 2007 issue


Here's the humor and hence the title


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