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Advice needed: MT registration to FL


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So I've had a computer software business for 25 years and had it under a Montana LLC for awhile, and when we bought our vehicles I registered them under the business -- but now I sort of wish I hadn't.  We've been talking about transferring our license to FL and was going to transfer the vehicles to FL as well but unsure about the best way to go about it? We've already set up the FL mail address and need to get some pieces of mail to it (bank? Personal?).

We're in a strange position as well because the house we 'sold' hasn't finalized yet and it might be a few months (it's in probate because of a weird issue with the deed) so technically we could continue as we are (ie 30 days after the house is sold we'd need to change our license, correct?) but it all feels really weird and wondering the best way to move forward.  Considering a phone consultation with the escapees lawyer.  Thanks for advice.

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It sounds like you need better advice than any of us could give to you. Owning a house doesn't necessarily indicate domicile, but there are a lot of issues and you may not wish to discuss them all here. I would suggest that you contact Loring & Associates.


Toll Free: 800-260-1615
Email: sadams@loringlaw.com
Website: www.loringlaw.com


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The best thing to do is talk to the lawyer in Montana that setup up your LLC.  I did exactly what you are doing several years ago.  

To my best recollection. We just went to the Florida DMV in the county you have your legal address in. You will need to bring the Title and all documents from the LLC showing you are the owner.  Florida DMV  will need to see the truck or motorhome to get the Vin number from the vehicle.  They do not need to see the trailer if it is a 5th wheel or TT.  I also transferred my Drivers License.  One thing, when you renew your vehicle registration you will have to do it in the county you originally registered in. It is a tax thing.  You can do it online.

Hope this helps.

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I think you're overthinking this.  All you're doing is moving to another state. and it seems, dropping the LLC.  Contact Florida DMV for more information but here's a site giving you some..... don't know how current it is.

First..... establish Florida residency.  Then 'move' there.  Millions do it all the time.


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15 hours ago, Roy & Ann said:

They do not need to see the trailer if it is a 5th wheel or TT.

But you do need to get a deputy from that county to verify the vin number if you don't have the trailer along.  Escapees has the proper paperwork.  Once you have it call the county sheriff's dispatcher, tell them what you need and they will send out a deputy to verify it. We did this at Bushnell several years ago and it was seamless.

Wayne & Jinx
2017 F-350 diesel, dually
2006 Carriage Carri-Lite 36KSQ

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When I went to the Florida DMV in Clay county, Green Cove Springs, to change my plates over. I brought my truck and trailer. The inspector from the DMV went out to the parking lot and just checked the vin of the truck.  He did not look at the trailer.  I was surprised, but he said it was not necessary.  They used the vin number of the trailer from the tile.  

That was my experience.  This is Florida, go figure.

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