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I've had "Tuna" for about 6 months now. She is a good cat except when she sneaks up and bites to get my attention. I constantly have scratches or bite marks on my arm. Thankfully she isn't doing both sides as much now. 

I had a great idea of maybe trying to foster another cat to see if it decreased her need to bite and picked up my papers from the local Humane Society many weeks ago. Yesterday I finally dropped them off and was met with a Cheer and "Our prayers have been answered".  Not all what I expected. 

Turned out they had a Momma Cat and some two week old kittens in need of a foster home for 6 weeks. The kittens can't be in the facility or something until they are at least 8 weeks old. I initially declined thinking it might be too much but some additional things happened throughout the day that made me change my mind. I now have a 6 toe momma cat and 5 kittens in my garage. So far my Tuna is being good and momma cat is a very good mother and has a very sweet disposition. She only hissed once when Tuna was trying to get a better look at the kittens. I'll keep them separated for a week or so and then monitor them in the garage. Momma and the kittens are in an enclosure. 

I doubt it will help with the biting and sneaking up, but maybe it will. 



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