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Sportchassis Tire Air Pressure


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I'm reaching out to see what the rest of you guys are running for tire pressure in your drive axel. Currently, I have the crossfire levelers and there set for 85psi. That was recommended from Michelin when I spoke to them. However, since I have replaced my tires last, about 35k miles ago, they seem to be wearing down quicker. So, I'm looking to see what tire pressure you're running at. 


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I don't know if you went back with Michelin or not.  I stopped running Michelin LTX on my 1 ton dully since i only got 35,000 miles with the last two sets.  Previously I had managed 50,000 to 60,000 on my 1 ton duallies.  This time I switched to Cooper AT tires and they seem to be wearing better, but time will tell.

A fellow that works in the tire industry told me that Michelin had gone to softer rubber compounds on some tire series.  The Cooper tires also ride better and no increase in noise.


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I'll join the party even later. Tire wear, without a better explanation than that, is impossible to diagnose over the internet. Shoulder wear, tread wear, cupping? All have different causes, and not all caused by tire pressure. For what it's worth, my vehicles always tell me where they want the tire pressure set. How? Take a piece of kids chalk, a parking lot, and the vehicle in question. Point the vehicle in a direction you can get 1-200 feet without turning the wheel. Chalk all 4 tires, with a good line of chalk, from shoulder to shoulder. Drive ahead the 100 feet. Look at the chalk. Note the wear pattern. Centre of tread gone? Too high pressure. Shoulders gone? Too low. Even across the face? You're in the ballpark.

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I use a method similar to Darryl's.  Look at your tires and notice if there's a gray band near the edge.  The wider the band, to greater the over-inflation.  No band?  Inflate in 2 psi increments until band appears, then back off that last 2 psi.  Of course, drive a bit between pressure adjustments.

Using this method, I've discovered the sticker in the door jamb of a F-150 isn't even close to correct.  I run my pressures about 12 psi higher than recommended, still within tire makers guide.

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