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Air lines/fittings/o-rings on Volvo


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I've seen this mentioned but cant seem to find it.  I have an air line leaking at the fitting but I think its the o-ring.  Not sure if Volvos use metric tubing & o-rings or 1/4".  I want to get the tubing and a bag of o-rings so I can handle the repairs as they come up.  Can anyone offer the sizes or P/Ns of the tubing and o-rings?

On a side note, before I install my DROM, I have installed an air hose to reach the PS fairing to use for air filling.  It is not charged under normal operations, but I think that it might be controlled by a solenoid, perhaps for the commercial slide, and if so, what switch on the dash would operate it?

2008 730


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And so we wonder why we are in the predicament of having too few technicians that can think for themselves, and the ones that can do that are retirement age.  I find so many younger people unwilling to listen to the voice of experience or even stand and watch a more experienced tech do work that they couldnt do, so that they can pick up some of those skills.

My Gdaughter is a school trained mechanic with a mountain of student loans, and when she encounters an obstacle she cant overcome, the job gets handed over to someone else and instead of her pretending she is in school and learning, out comes the phone and she drifts to some other place without the benefit of what is happening in front of her.  I feel bad but I cant teach her to be willing to learn.  I can teach her IF she is willing to learn. 

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15 hours ago, Wrknrvr said:

  While you are at the dealership, I would suggest to get a coupling for each size.  Just Incase you need one.

  You should also has some silicone lube handy. And a few fittings.

Good suggestion.  I am going to make up a spares kit with some silicone grease, o-rings, some couplings, maybe elbows and straights.  I wont be buying from the dealer as I can get better prices elsewhere.

Gathering up the o-rings right now.

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So  I have had a situation where the line is not long enough to cut the old end off and to get it back into the fitting. So with a coupling you can cut the line back and install a new piece of airline. Also if you have some different size push to connect fittings, you may need the retainer if the old one is bad. 

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Might it be better to use couplings that use nuts, ferrules and sleeves, as those should minimize leaks in the future and esp since you are using it to extend a length of tubing.

I am also considering using a different color tubing for my repairs, so I can identify those lines I have changed.

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2 hours ago, Wrknrvr said:

  If I remember correctly they are not DOT approved fittings.


  There should be info in the resource guide for such info.

Compression fittings are available in both DOT and non-DOT types.  The DOT compression fittings have longer ferrules and have the internal anti crush sleeve built in.

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