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ToyHauler mods and resale impact


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Looking for thoughts on a bit of a major revamp to a future toyhauler purchase.

Most (used) units we are looking at have a 1/2 bath in the garage area. This seems to become the wall for the TV and maybe fireplace in the living area. We do not want or need a second bathroom. So, thinking about just ripping that out...the entire wall and bathroom...and creating storage and work desk space.

My question is... Do you think this will negatively impact the resale of the TH? I'm wondering if anyone really uses the second bathroom? I guess if you have kids, maybe it's valuable. But we're retired and don't need it. The space is more valuable to us.

Hope this makes sense.


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Reasonably well done, the mod should not affect the resale value. But as said, the real measure is whether the mod will make you happy. The rest is inconsequential. The only times I've considered RV resale values was for units I bought for refurbishing and resale.

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My question is... Do you think this will negatively impact the resale of the TH? 

Well you are removing a feature that had a $ value to it at production, so by removing it you have also removed that value. Does your modification return that value or add a greater one in some other form or area? Does it make more dollars or sense to keep looking for a unit without the 2nd bathroom?

A lot of those 2nd bathrooms also have a 2nd black and gray tanks, will you be removing them as well as plumbing and vent lines too?

Seems like a lot of work for what you may be gaining, but only you can decide if its worth it, and at that point does it really matter what the future resale value may or may not be?

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Thanks for the input everyone.

If we end up with a rig that has the second bathroom, we'll probably nuke it. Unless the rig reveals some issues that would make us sell it, it will be something we will keep for a while. The rig we have now is a 2004 that we purchased used in 2006. So we tend to hold onto to things like this and get our moneys worth.

The next challange is finding a rig that is between 36' and 40' with 3 slides, that doesn't have a crappy kitchen layout and built between 2014 and 2018. The search has begun...

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My last toyhauler had a 1/2 bath.  The one thing I did like about it was it had a second 40 gal black holding tank which gave us 80 gal total black water storage which was great for boondocking.  If I didnt boondook as much as we do, I could have done without it.

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If it does have an additional tank perhaps you can plumb it to the other. But most toyhaulers are used by weekenders not fulltimers. I doubt it would have an effect on the resale either way.


Or you could keep it as bathroom and office work space:


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