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Jackalopee brake controller hack


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Brake controllers vary in performance technology and sophistication. The unifying factor is that all come with four wires, black, white, red and blue. #6 Delphi Harness in the controller below is typical.


The connection protocol for all brake controllers is as follows: The black wire is connected to the truck battery (+) terminal, across 30-40 Amp resettable fuse.


The white wire is connected to the truck battery ground (-) terminal. The general requirement calls for the controller power (+12V and ground) to be uninterrupted directly from the batteries. The blue wire is connected to the BRAKE CONTROLLER terminal in the Jackalopee  and the red wire is supposed to be connected to the brake light switch in the truck. Easy to do in the pickup truck, not so in the semi since that switch is air actuated and buried under the dash. An alternative method of wiring it is to bring the red wire inside the Jackalopee, as shown below and crimp it together with the brake light wire (red) from the truck bundle.


For those whose Jackalopee is already wired there is an option, use a double male single female disconnect


Pull the truck brake lights crimp out, install the disconnect, plug the truck brake lights and the controller brake lights into the disconnect.



A disconnect shown is now a standard item supplied with the connectors in the Jackalopee wiring kit, for those who would like a one (or two) I am certain than the fine folks in the Jackalopee "organization" will be happy to send you one (or two).

A bit of a "techie" info, the red wire in controllers has couple of functions. Its primary function is to activated the brake lights on the trailer if you are using the brake controller manually to engage the trailer brakes without engaging the truck brakes, such as going down hill in the rain. It's good to "inform" people behind you that you are indeed braking even though you are not using the truck brakes. In many controllers there is another function, the red wire "monitors" the brake lights and if it sees those (when you apply the truck brakes) it tell the controller to "go to work, he is indeed braking". This prevents the brake controllers from activating the trailer brakes from spurious motion such as going over humps, railroad tracks, etc. Brake switch is a good center point to make the connection, but frankly the brake lights don't give rat's behind where or how the signal comes to light them up, hence the above "suggestion".

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OK, been working on another hack, trying to make you guys "happy"😂.

First wanted to see if seven wire with the crimps can be pushed through the cable grip.



Yes, with little fiddling they will go through. This allows to do all the cable and wire prep outside of the Jackalope, then push it in and connect the wires. Much easier than doing the, cutting, stripping and crimping inside the Jackalopee. But I detect a question emanating from the Jackalopee Force. "But Master, where do we light saber cut individual wires?" Not to worry my young padawans, Master delivers.

The truck side prep.


The trailer side prep


Strip 3/8" off each wire end to accommodate the crimp lugs.  You should get these results.




May the Jackalopee Force be with you.  vNh2GVpl.jpg

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