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Truck being decorated and not in a way I enjoy.


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I posted a little bit about my most recent issue in a topic regarding "Mouse Infestation", but today I found the real issue. 

I have a battery minder on my batteries and move it from battery to battery every few days to weeks. Last week after using my winch I decided to hook up to the battery I use for it. I found a couple "Pine Cones" on the batteries and thought it strange. No way for them to "Fall" on that area. I took them off and hung a "Drier Sheet" in the area to discourage the storing of food in that area by what I assumed was a Squirrel or three. 

Today I checked the batteries again with a light and found a whole pile of pine cones in the battery box, didn't seem to be any new ones but decided I best pop the hood and see if the engine compartment was affected too and it sure was. I will attempt to post some photos of what I found. 

After the initial find I cleaned my cat's litter box and put a few of the "Urine" balls under the truck. Today I actually put a couple areas of cleanings from the litter box to hopefully discourage what ever animal it is that is using my truck as a food storage area. Little does it know that in less than a month the food will be moving several hundred miles away and won't do it any good. 




Top photo is the top of the radiator and second photo is the top of the transmission. I reached as many as I could in all the areas I have found them. Will check every couple days to see if they start coming back. Maybe I should have gathered them all and put them in a bag and in the garbage, but I just tossed them back under the trees. 



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9 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

That's probably pack rats; not mice.  They hoard all kinds of things.

red squirrels
If you see a pile of pine cones in the woods, all chewed up and discarded, or left in piles or neat rows for future use, then you'll know red squirrels are about. You may hear the squirrels and not see them, but they're keeping a watchful eye.
my internet search this morning came up different. Packrats are more Southern US and I'm about an hour from the Canadian border. 
I also spoke with the park office person last night and she is going to check on what her " Grandfather" may know about how to discourage the activity. I certainly heard one on Sunday when I was working on my tool box, but had yet to find the stash. Will keep a more watchful eye out. 
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2 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Could be worse. Random internet pic of snail shells on a car engine:


Maybe would smell worse, but not sure if they would burn. That's my main worry. My Cat litter seems to be working so far. No new cones found anywhere. My cat also decided to get out of her "Harness" today and explore under the truck. That may reinforce the 'maybe not a good place to store food' sense. 



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