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Trains In The Netherlands Are 100% Powered By Wind


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Fusion, when perfected, will be an answer to replace the fossil fueled plants for backup and primary power without the radioactive byproducts that Fission generates I am told. We'll know more in the coming year or two. I did not say if perfected because of the big money being thrown at the technology now.

Where Solar shines (pun int.) is micro grids and distributed energy. Solar with Tesla PowerWalls for storage can do it all now for basics when the grid fails. Our local power company is working up plans for something along those lines but won't give details until they have it ready to go.

It is the dawn of a new age and tech. Now that the governments around the world admitted UFOs and some creatures in them are real, it would be nice if they would stop by and share some tech, as many claim they have done in the past. If they meant harm with that kind of advanced tech to visit they could have wiped us out thousands of years ago. However until I see it, I remain to be convinced. But something has the tech to fly between planets and/or stars or dimensions/universes. We just don't know who or what at the citizen level. Much aligns with our beginner knowledge of Quantum Physics as far as how we are learning universes/dimensions work. Along with renewables and non polluting.

We've already seen what a mind like Musk's/Bezos'/Gates put their money where their mouth is. Gates is backing a fusion effort I've already posted about here in the last few days as they have made another incremental step with low power magnets, much lower power.

Just 11 years ago I had 12 volt NiCaD battery power tools that did not hold their charge for a year like now in both my ryoni 18 volt brushkless tools, but also my Li-Ion AA, AAA, AAAA, and 9 volt batteries. Of course I have conditioning chargers and good testers for max life.

We live in exciting times for science. If we can just survive the rest.😉

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