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What’s the average CCC weight for a 30 ft. Class C?


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I suspect the answer is ‘it varies’. Fair enough.

I’ve never purchased an RV before. Class Cs look like a good choice for our family but I’m not sure what to expect in CCC ranges for different models.

what is the typical range for ~30 ft. Class C?


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8 hours ago, ronf303 said:

what is the typical range for ~30 ft. Class C?

There is no easy answer for this question as most of the advertisements do not give that information and the same is true for most manufacturer's websites. Most of them do publish the GVWR and the GCWR but CCC is very difficult to find on most websites. There are a few hints. Since you are looking at some of the longer class C models you should be aware of the fact that you need to check the chassis and wheelbase because most manufacturers have a rage of length models all on the same wheelbase and with the same GVWR. Using the Thor Four Winds listings as an example, they list the 28A & the 31E as on the same chassis with a 14,500# GVWR. Obviously the motorhome that is 3' longer will weigh more, thus the carrying capacity has to be less. You might try a Google search by make/model but I have not found that to find much useful information. 

One thing that I will point out is that because the class C is built on a van cutaway chassis it tends to have a lower weight capacity than do the smaller class A's. 

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If the manufacturer does list a cargo capacity, it is probably not a true number.  It will be based off of a curb weight and not include added optional accessories.   The only way to know the true number is to weigh the coach and see where you are weight wise.

We had a 31' Minnie Winnie class C with no slides.  When were were loaded for a 2 week trip, 1/4 tank fresh water, empty waste tank, me, the copilot and a small dog, we were 100# below the chassis maximum weight rating...about 50# on either front or rear axle.

Since, class Cs have added slide and more weight.  There have been many that put the front axle at or over the GAWR with nothing in the RV except two people up front.

In short, be very careful in selecting a class C, especially the longer ones.  Ask the dealer to get an actual weight ticket on the RV if you are interested.  


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6 hours ago, TXiceman said:

Ask the dealer to get an actual weight ticket on the RV if you are interested.  

We learned to make driving over a scale part of the test drive before purchase. That way we knew the real numbers for that particular unit.


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