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RV Repair assistance for elderly

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I am a full timer and have noticed a incrediable number of elderly living long term (years) in RV parks. They are either disabled and/or just elderly and living on SS income. 

The park i am currently in has Joe. Nice old man, tries his best to hold his acient RV together. goton his roof last year and had to replace the wood then covered (very neatly) with a tarp. no insulation, no nothing. His slide is barely holding on. He needs lots of help. 

Today heat index is 109 and his AC gave up. I got him a window unit (not allowed in the park- Owner gave temporary ok) but I wouldnt know how to do any of the other repairs he needs.

So my question is; 

Is there any organization or repair assistance for people like Joe? or that has donated RVs that are in better shape that may be avaliable for very low cost?

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