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Water Softner settings and Question

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Hi I live I Noblesville, IN and the water here is extremely hard (Talking 400 ppm 18 GH/KH). I am currently using a Culligan water softner that is <10 years old and it only seems to give that soft slick feeling for a day or 2 after it regens.

I'm thinking I need to either decrease the time it regens or the salt dosage. I have changed the salt dosage from 10 - 25 but I don't know if that will be enough, way to much, or if I should change the regen. I couldn't see to find a setting to change the regen frequency just the tod and tor. This is my unit I think and I can't see find the directions to change the frequency.



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From being a Culligan dealer for 20 years I think I am qualified to give you some answers.  First you need a water test to see what items and how much of each you need to remove. A 10 year old Culligan softener certainly is not needing changed if the person repairing it knows their stuff. There is more to adjusting than just salt amount. Find yourself a smaller Culligan dealer who is not just wanting to sell you a new one.  Good luck.

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