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New Verizon Data Only Plans

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https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-launches-new-data-only-plans-up-to-150gb-for-80-month/ for some analysis.

For someone who needs lots of high speed data, this is great, as long as they are ready to pay.  If you already have Verizon unlimited cell phones, you can get 150GB of data only for $80, then add T-Mobile's 100GB/$50 and AT&T's (or Crickets) 100GB/$55 and you have 350GB per month for less than $200.  I know this sounds a lot compared to paying $25 on a Party plan for Visible, but there are many who need more than Visible supplies.

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Here's a chart summarizing Verizon's new data plans:


If you're interested in any of Verizon's smartphone unlimited plans, this link goes to a chart that summarizes Verizon's current Unlimited Smartphone plans.

Finally, you can check to see if your hotspot device is compliant with Verizon's new data plans. You'll need your device ID (IMEI 15-digit number).

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