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ShurFlo water pump causing pipes to rattle

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1 hour ago, gypsydan said:

I have a shurflow water pump. When it is operating the pipes from it to the back of the rig always rumble and shakes the walls.  Anyone know what the problem might be?


I'm guessing it's the plastic pump (which is replaceable), but a few more clues for folks that know more about this than I do?

From the image you posted, It appears your pump was manufactured  6/28/2011 and it looks like it's been installed for quite awhile.  Do you know how long it's been installed and approximately when the vibrations first started?  And are you a full-timer, or occasional user?

I you've been using it full-time for greater than 7 years, I suspect replacement is the best approach.

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These pumps have always vibrated in our trailers, and if one (or more) of the rigid plastic waterlines are against any wooden structure it can really resonate. I've had good luck with placing foam pipe insulation, or just a piece of soft foam between the water line and any structure that it is touching. 

In the left side of your picture it looks like two lines are lying directly against a piece of wood. The solution may be as simple as isolating those lines with foam.  

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There are several things that can be done to make RV water pumps less noisy. The first that I would do would be to shock mount the pump so that it will not transmit vibrations to the floor.  One that might be more effective your your problem would be the second picture, a soft water line section at the outlet and inlet to the pump.

shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx0kTfFX1co6z36K1ES      shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcTC121u5eVX-T-XcdL-D

I have done both things to our pumps more than once and which helps most depends on the particular RV and how the pump and water lines are mounted. I actually made my own shock mount for one of the RVs that we had but Amazon has several different types of vibration dampeners and I have used those also. The use of the flexible water connections could be easier to do if you move the pump, or change the routing of the water lines. The stiff pex water lines easily transmit the vibrations of the pump to other things and RV plywood makes a very good amplifier.

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Rethinking this a bit, I think the key question is, how long have the rumbling been going on?  

If it's always been that way, then the vibration isolation approaches suggested, seem like a wise approach.  But if the rumblings emerged recently, they're probably band aids, trying to cover a deeper problem.

So gypsydan, how long have they been a bother?

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Dan, what you described Ive seen many times over 50 years of RV ownership...A few of the typical causes I found were:

1) Insufficient rubber shock mounting, such as the hold down screws being over tight or the rubber dries out and gets stiff IE no more shock absorption and noise reduction.

2) The lack of any very soft very flexible (NOT hard plastic) anti vibration loops/sections in the pumps inlet and outlet connections.

3) Over stiff water piping near the pump up against thin light walls, now that can reallyyyyyyyyyy get noisy

 NOT blaming you but the picture makes it appear the stiff in and out lines right on the pump perhaps near plywood could be noise makers ?????????

 Actually I don't mind some degree of fresh water pump sound so I can hear what's going on lol 

 Fortunately this doesn't sound serious unsafe or expensive to fix.......

 Best wishes to you and everyone

John T


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Posted (edited)

Thank you all for the wise words.  I've had the problem since I got the RV 4 years ago.  It is a 2009 THOR, which, being a THOR, might be one reason for the problem. 

I never thought about stiff pex causing the rattleing as it transmitted the pump vibrations.  It will be impossible to fix that vibration, as the pipes are enclosed within walls, which I can't get to. I can put shocks and vibration dampers under the pump, and foam around the pipes I can get to. I will have to look closely at whether or not I can install flexible piping at inlet and outlet, as has been suggested, which should help dampen pump vibration.

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6 minutes ago, gypsydan said:

I never thought about the stiff pex's causing a vibration problem.. Thanks.

Hi again Dan, I think it not so much and only the PEX STIFFNESS, its that the PUMPS normal vibration gets transmitted/transferred from the pump to the surroundings via the relatively stiff PEX . That's where a piece of very flexible hose at the pump may absorb and reduce the vibration transfer and resulting noise. Similar, a soft cushion pump mounting can reduce transfer to the plywood on which its mounted. Hey if this is the worst problem you're having and with such an easy cheap fix, YOURE A LUCKY MAN LOL

Best wishes take care Dan, hope we meet up someday, Im headed soon to San Diego CA then Austin TX then Florida, see you on the road

 John T


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