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Penguin 2 Rooftop AC parts and service

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Hello, I’m looking for a good reference in central Montana.

In April this year, we had one AC blower professionally replaced.  The service company owner said he happened to have one in stock and he came right to our campsite and installed it.  Early this morning it started making a strange grinding noise so my wife shut it off.  It has been cool at night but we leave it on and let the thermostat do it’s job.

It has been very hot in the upper west mountain time zone, so I might need yet another unit to replace this one.  If, that’s IF, I have to replace it, can anyone suggest a reputable place to buy from in Montana near Bozeman or Billings?

We are looking for the purchase receipt this morning.  Perhaps there will be a warranty. 

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I just installed a second AC in a friend’s 5er.  Before I put it on the roof, I took the shroud off and checked things out.  I spun the fan by hand and it was making a loud rubbing noise.  It turned out the fan motor mount got tweaked a little during shipping and the fan was rubbing on the styrofoam housing.  I was able to re-tweak the motor mount to get the fan moved back into the correct position and stop the rubbing.  It is possible your fan is rubbing on something.  This can be a quick DIY fix if that is what the issue is.

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Manufacturers are building these unit lighter and cheaper.  The base plates are thinner and more prone to warping if not handled correctly.  Last year, I replace the two older Coleman Mach units with Coleman Mach 8 Plus.  The base plate is now plastic and you have to be sure and get some extra foam support under them to dampen the vibration.  I also had to go through the unit and tighten all os the not tight enough nuts and screws and tie down a few wires.  Problem was lack of quality control.


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