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Verizon Jetpack

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After killing our 15GB on both phones Verizon dropped our hot spot to 300 KBS which is basically useless.

I called Verizon and they to me this is a hard and fast rule with  no exceptions.

A real bummer as we only had 4 days to go for until the next month.

We signed up for the Jetpack and were able to get it at a Verizon Store only 15 minutes away.

My question is what have been your experiences with the Jetpack?

What speed does Verizon slow it down to if you exceed the 30GB limit?

So far it is working great.

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I have had three Verizon jetpacks, the last being an 8800. It was on a previously offered plan, but was slowed to useless speed after the 15GB limit.  In my experience, if the jetpack does not have an external antenna port, there is not much advantage to it over a phone, except for the fact that if you take the phone with you, your network or connected devices loose their internet connection. My phone and tablet, often gave as good a speed as the jetpack and after the data limit was reached could still be used for on device data without the severe throttling imposed on the jetpack.

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The jetpack has nothing to do with your speed caps.  It's just the hardware you use to connect to the network.  Your data plan type determines how much data you can use before being throttled.  As far as the hardware goes, we currently use the 8800L, and have great speeds.  However, we are grandfathered in on an old truly unlimited Verizon data plan that is no longer available.  We also have a 7700 jetpack that we got through the FMCA program they had with Verizon.  We have 50gb per month on that plan for $50/mo, and that plan is also no longer available.  We use it to stream video.  Between the two jetpacks, the 8800 has the faster speed and can accomodate more devices.  We use it as our local network, and our phones, laptops, printer, and weather station are connected to it.

If I were just starting out with a data plan today, I would probably go with the FMCA Sprint plan, which I understand is unlimited data with no throttling, and runs about $50/mo.

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