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Painting ABS sidewalls and road covers

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I'm restoring an old hard side pop up travel trailer. I'm in the middle of repairing the road cover which is made of ABS plastic with a gelcoat and paint finish. I plan to repair cracks, sand, and paint using a HVLP gun- but I'm stuck on the type of paint to use. Bare ABS requires a lot of special procedures to paint. But there's not much on ABS with a finish already applied. Due to the nature of the flexible plastic, I'm trying to discern the best way to paint. From what I've read, I cannot use a flex additive as this is only for raw plastic. I've seen some who use simple Rustoleum paint and thin it with Mineral spirits and apply to a sanded piece. Some use Rustoleum primer as well (but which one?) Any thoughts, ideas, or comments will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! While I am not a good source of paint information, I would sure like to see pictures of your project! Hopefully there will be others here who can be more helpful than I with your paint questions. 

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Go to almost ANY automotive paints store and ask them for help. They have been painting flexible parts for years now that are partially primed with some original paint left without any issues. They should be more than able to help with the paint and any additives that need to be put into the paint as well as the speed and type of reducer to use.

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