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Water back feeding i to fresh tank

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Hello all

When I use fresh tank and 12 volt pump it works fine. My issue is when I hook up to hydrant at a park it is all OK except that water back feeds into the fresh tank. Its slow and  If I let it go long enough it would fill the tank. I usually open the drain valve and let it drip out. The ground is wet under the valve. 

Ive looked at the plumbing (all pex) and don't see any check valve in line. I believe there must be a check valve in the pump. Am I thinking correct? Do I tear into the pump and see what is what, and do a repair is it repairable? or do I buy a new pump?

thanks for any guidance

George the Greek

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This is often the check valve in the water pump.  Most common pumps have rebuild kits available that will replace this valve and solve the problem. Or you can add an external check valve just downstream from the pump.  

It is also possible that you have other valving, usually near the water hook-up that allows you to fill your tank with city water from the hookup, winterize, etc. If you have this setup it is possible that one of these valves may be leaking, or simply not fully closed. 

But in my experience the problem you describe is usually the check valve in the water pump. 

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39 minutes ago, trailertraveler said:

By this do you mean the intake side of the pump between the pump and the water tank or the output side of the pump?

I generally find them on the output side of the pump, but it should work in either location. 

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While adding a check valve on either side of the pump would resolve that problem, rebuilding the pump as Ray suggest would also. A typical RV water pump will either be one that is designed to act as a check valve when not in use, or it will have an internal check valve. Adding one would stop the leak-back problems but if the pump is leaking back it probably is nearly time to rebuild it for no longer pumping. I'd rebuild the pump, as I have done in the past.

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Oh  boy the simple things are most often the hardest to find. Stopped at a few R V places and the parts counter people say they never heard of a problem like this or a rebuild Kit. Of course they are quick to sell me a new pump for about a hundred and fifty dollars. 

i am about to open the area the pump is and pull it And takeoff the head and see if some little bit of something isn’t holding it open then if it isn’t I guess I’ll try to order a rebuild kit online $19 for the kit is a lot better than $150 for a new pump the  The camper and the pump is only about a year old 

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4 minutes ago, Danandfreda said:

The valve that you have on the newer rv that you have to turn to direct water for city water, tank fill, dry camp or sanitize can leak by also, or it may be turned a little to far or not enough

I don't have that valve on mine  its a hose connection for city water. And An inlet to fill fresh tank 

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On 8/4/2021 at 6:27 AM, Star Dreamer said:

If the unit is only a year old, the pump may still be under warranty. Did you check online or in your owners info to see what length the warranty is?

A few days now since I took pump apart and cleaned it no leaking back yet. 

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