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Holding tank valves service cover commits suicide


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My 2007 Carriage C-Force toy hauler mobile has a large ABS plastic cover holding the insulation under the holding tanks. The cover is a pan shape with about 4" sides and a flange all round that it is fastened through. The cover has a removable section to access the drain valves and connections. This section is approx 36" long by 12" then rolls up to form the side of the pan about 4". So in cross section it is an L shape, 4" x 12-13". And there are holes in it for the drain line and valve rods etc. 

Anyhoo I was doing a pre trip inspection and wasn't I suprised to see the valves and plumbing looking back at me under there.... 

The service section of the big cover fell off somewheres on the last trip. The factory fastening method was self tapping screws through the main cover - not the most robust plus it is exposed to the windage underneath so if the front come loose or got hit with road debris (don't remember any) the cover would get loose and depart from the vehicle... 

Anyways - is there a company that sells these ABS underbody covers in their product line anyone knows of? 

I've got a DIY repair design in mind but the correct part would be a good find... 


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20 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Rim the edge with flat aluminum bar from Princess Auto, Self tapping screws with washers to hold it to the main belly covering. More self-tapping screws with washers to hold a piece of Coroplast in place. 

It’s looking this way Darryl

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