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Confused about the vehicle registration

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I RV full-time.

Last week I purchased a van from North Carolina and had it transported to me here in Florida where I am camping.

My domicile state is California. But I don’t plan to be back there until November 2021.

I also have an Escapees mailbox in Texas but that is not my domicile state.

The van arrived with the title but with no license plates.


I cannot figure out how or where to get the van registered. I cannot take it on the street until I figure this out.

Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry you are having the issue. It' used to be, the dealer you purchased your vehicle from would assist you in the "Registration". That does not seem to be the case now, especially on "Used" vehicles. 

I have a domicile in South Dakota and have for a while. I purchase a "New" vehicle a year ago and the registration, taxes and such were pretty straight forward, but my agent was less than I expected. The New Vehicle was traded this spring for a used one and while the agent was better, it still was  not the same as before being a full time "RV Traveler". I have been a Travel Nurse since 1989 and it sure seemed easier, back then. You do need to register your vehicle in the state where you domicile and have your insurance. Your tax representative may be able to assist you further. 



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Before I went full time I was a CA resident. I purchased a 5er in Dallas TX. The dealer gave me temporary TX plates good for 60 days. I didn't get back to CA until about 120 days so the dealer got me an extension on the temporary TX plates. When I got back to CA I went to DMV and they verified the VIN # and issued me the CA plates. The dealer had already collected the sales tax and sent it to CA. 

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I don't know about now but in Nov. of 1999 I bought a used TT  in Florida and titled and registered it in Florida even as a non-resident. Then when I went to Texas I retitled it with Tx tags.  There was a difference in sales tax and I was given credit for the tax I paid in Florida vs what the Tx sales tax was. I also had to pay a 1 time fee of I think $90. for a new to Tx vehicle fee. That was a Travel Trailer and it was Nov. 1999.  I did have an address to use in Fla. but did not claim to be a resident.




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