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What's your opinion about the new "Badges"?  

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  1. 1. New "Badges" adorn our icons based on the number of posts that we've made. What's your opinion about these badges?

    • I love them! They encourage me to spend more time on this forum
    • I like them, but they could use some tweaks
    • I'm ambivalent, or don't know what you mean by "Badges"
    • I'd prefer that "Badges" be based something more than just the number of posts
    • I don't need no stink-en badges. Make them go away!

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  • DanZemke changed the title to bad post

I agree with the above. If all the bling stays, though, I would like to see it made right. For example... I've been an Escapee and a member of the forum since 2013 with 593 posts (prior to this one - if that number is correct) - yet my label says "Newbie?" The system appears to have no credibility.


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The badge thing seems to be based on the post count AFTER the badges appeared, and takes no heed of the total number over the years of participation.  Purely "fluff".  My "status" got raised just because I visited the forum on 7 consecutive days.  That and a buck will get me a cheap coffee.

However, something we used to have, and put to good use, was the little number in the top right hand corner of each post, indicating where it fell in that string.  Quite useful when it was appropriate to respond "That question was answered back in post XX."

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This is so childish!!!  Just like the teacher used to put a star on our papers.

If you go to your Profile and run the cursor over the badges that appear you can see what they mean.... such as  .... Conversation Starter, Dedicated, First Post (even though I've been here since 2003), Collaborator, Posting Machine.... and more.

Who in the heck cares?  I surely don't & I don't pay attention to the badges earned by others.  I just noticed this because just now I made a new topic. I immediately got a notification for it and it took me to my Profile Page.

This is another social media come on.

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