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I used Outlook and Outlook express for years. Now using the Microsoft mail client in Windows 10 since 2019. I am going back to MS Office Pro Outlook soon here and pointing my domain mail forwarding to Outlook .com as my permanent mail forwarding source which my Office Outlook will access.

Eudora?? Dang, this thread is a history flashback indeed. Whatever works is just right for each of us. 😎

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20 hours ago, jbh said:

That's a blast from the past chindog!

The thing about it is that Eudora still works.  And works well.  It's still available for download from the internet.  And, back then you had to pay to remove ads.  The codes to plug in to put it into paid mode and remove ads are available with an internet search.  And there aren't any ads anymore, but there is a space where the ads would be without the paid mode codes.


I've got about 30 mailbox folders that my emails are filtered to.  I have a small window for about 8 - 10 of those folders on my screen, so I can see the header for each message as they arrive in the proper folder.  It's the best email program I've found in the last 25 years.  I'll keep using it until they pry it from my cold dead keyboard.

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