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Bad propane leak with auto propane switch

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I don't know for sure, but the copper pipes have always been tight so don't think the pipes are leaking. Strong smell in the propane box and outside as well near the box. The leak is pretty bad now and coming in the cabin so I switched off the tanks and can't run propane.

Switch looks something like this. It is 10 years old but not seen a lot of use. I have a truck camper.


I'm thinking if it is the issue I was going to get rid of it altogether and pipe tanks into the copper pipe one at a time as needed. But I can't figure out how to remove the switch. It looks like it mounts from behind and where it mounts is where the refrigerator is. I have a truck camper.

Having an auto propane switch is not a big deal to me. Only used the auto feature once. I usually only go for 4 or 5 day trips and don't burn through a bottle even in the cold.

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  • Ive also used a spray on gas leak detector sold at Ace Hardware it seems better then soapy water. The more gizmos and gadgets and after market bells n whistles one adds the greater the chances of failure grrrrrrrrrrr... I have an extend a stay with auto changeover I bought from Marshall Brass if I recall ??? So far no odors or apparent problems (but never really had the occasion to use it) but if you ever get that smell you're right in finding and correcting the problem ASAP 

            Let us know what you find

         Best wishes be safe

       John T




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