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Dometic RMD8555 Refrig Interior Buttons Flashing

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We are having new problems with our RMD8555 refrigerator. Here are some of the things we’ve done to try to figure out the issue.

With refrigerator on electric: Interior buttons flashing – On/Off button, Electric, Temperature Level. No acoustic signal. Temperature very low, -8F, in freezer and 28F in refrigerator, which hasn’t been the norm in the past. Lots of ice buildup on both refrigerator & freezer fins. Defrosted refrigerator. Turn on electric. Same problem of flashing lights after several hours minus the ice buildup.

Next test, put refrigerator on propane overnight. No flashing buttons and no acoustic signal.
Next test, put refrigerator on battery while driving to next location. After two hours, no lights flashing and no acoustic signal.
Next test, put refrigerator back on electric. Flashing lights return and ice beginning to build up on fins. No acoustic signal. Temperature dropping in both refrigerator and freezer but not too low yet.

The “Indicator” column in the troubleshooting section in the Dometic manual doesn’t cover the exact symptoms we are experiencing. I’m thinking the problem lies when the refrigerator is on electric but not sure the exact problem and fix/remedy. Comments, suggestions, what am I missing.

We are on the road fulltime so it makes things a bit more complicated as far as setting up an appointment with a dealer (if we can get one), etc.



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I am sorry for having taken so long to get back to you, but we have been traveling and had only spotty internet. 

The first thing is that your temperatures indicate that the refrigerator has gone into a constant cool mode, which typically happens with most RV refrigerators if the temperature sensing thermistor inside of the cool box should fail. It would be the very first thing that I would look at for that reason. As we still have another day of travel, I am a little short of time but if you are still having problems, I suggest you visit Bryant RV Service website and download a copy of the service manual, unless you already have a copy. 

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1 hour ago, Ray,IN said:

Kirk I suspect you intended to reply to the other Dometic thread

I did not. The temperatures indicate constant cool when on 120v, but all of the controls are exactly the same whether it is using 120V or LP to supply the heat to the boiler. 

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Thanks for your comments on our Dometic RMD8555 refer problem (flashing lights, freezing fins, etc). About a week after I made the post, the problem with our refrigerator just “went away.” No flashing lights, no freezing fins, temperature normal (as normal as a Dometic refer will be).

However, we still took our Van to a RV service center today (Monday) to have it checked out. After consulting with Dometic and running some diagnostics, they concluded that our refrigerator was operating normally. The Tech mentioned that we are keeping our A/C too high (we normally keep the A/C at around 85). By lowering the A/C to, say, 80 will allow the A/C to reduce the humidity within the van, especially if we are opening and closing the fridge. The tech also mentioned that we should be turning on the Frame Heater and set it for 4 hours on really hot, humid days (we have not used the Frame Heater).

The controller within the fridge was flashing when the outside temperature was above 95 with the humidity at about the same temperature. The A/C was set to about 85.

Well, we will be monitoring it to see how it goes. Thanks for your responses.



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Thank you for the update. We will be watching for further reports as the entire experience has been quite different than any that I have followed in the past. With any luck, the problems won't come back and we will all just wonder what the cause was.  😊

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Frequently opening an absorption refrigerator doors will absolutely cause abnormal interior temperatures, since it usually takes at least 4 hours to regain set temperature during hot weather.

I'd never heard of this condition triggering an alarm though.

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