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Okay What’s This New Stuff?


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Well I just want to go on record and say that regardless of the new "badge" system. I already knew who was helpful and who was not. During the 3 years it took to build my conversion, I always knew where and from whom I could get some sound advice. 

I did find that you can turn off the notifications in your profile. So that's a start. :)


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1 hour ago, rickeieio said:

Woo-Hoo!!!  I earned another badge for my dedication and checking posts every day for a week!!!!  That and a buck might get me a cup of coffee.

What a childish bunch of bovine feces.

Hey, it’s like Boy Scouts, Rick.  Just be careful before you get the controversial “fire starter “ conversation badge!  😂

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Just wanted to see what they put up for me.  Some are claps, others look like a leaf.  Have no idea what they mean.  Hope everyone is doing well and no Covid.  PLEASE GET YOUR VACCINATION if you have not done so.  Look for the Moderna 2-shot.  Will be at home this summer since Nancy is having rotator cuff surgery on the 6th  Rig will be sitting for awhile after that - at least until she can change a tire 😉.  I hope to get the blown gasket on #5 of the Volvo exhaust manifold fixed (myself) this summer.  Scared of breaking studs!


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I tried PB Blaster . I never bought a second can and pretty sure I never emptied the can I had . 

When I applied it to rusted nuts and bolts it just sat there , no matter how long I left it .

A little story :

Years ago , I was trying different penetrating 'fluids' and just wasn't seeing anything very impressive . 

One of our park coordinators asked what I was up to , listening to my story she suggested I try some amazing lube she had in an unmarked spray bottle . She called it Pete Stuff , as the fellow she got it from was named Pete . 

She told me of old rusted horse trailer doors that would open with great effort before having Pete stuff applied to the hinges and after would open with ease . The owners of that trailer were amazed and tried to buy some , but, none was to be had ...

After I used up what she gave me , I wanted more and , of course , she didn't have anymore to share . She said Pete was working on bring it to market . 

Anyway , it turned out that he ( Pete Stuff Pete ) promoted that secret mixture and is now the product I pictured above Nano Spray . 


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On 7/5/2021 at 8:42 AM, GlennWest said:

Kroll is best. All I used in my business. Never failed me. Boy we got off topic. Lol

Kroll will do the job when the rest gives up. Had to guy a different product a few months back. Parts place told me it was 5X better than Kroll. Nope did not do its job, but kroll the next week. Took off 11 rusted juts. Where the other would not even help with a good clean nut.

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