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Multiple problems makes complex diagnosis

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OK I finally, think anyway, that I fixed our perplexing and progressively getting worse electrical problems. For awhile we have been have power on, power out mainly 12V phantom problems. Then last stop we lost power period but via jury rig I got some stuff working. Anyway I finally just started checking from power line in all they way thru the converter. I even pulled the range out to access the converter other than thru a tiny port hole.

The end result a burned connection on the power in line and a loose hex screw on the wire between the converter 12V out and the fuse box doohicky.

I was so bad at one point I considered aborting the trip so we could return home and have better facilities to work on the system. Right now our woes exended to fridge works on electric but failed yesterday on propane. I pulled the orifice and it seemed to be clean, a solid stream of brake cleaner shot thru ot any way. That was the only cleaner I had on hand. Smelled no propane tho so I suspect the propane valve. That's for the day ahead tho.

 So we are near Mamouth Cave at WAX COE working our way slowly to Rock Springs.

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13 hours ago, agesilaus said:

Didn't mean much to me

Evidence of overheating is always a bad thing in electrical equipment and the cause of it concerning. A loose connection can be the cause, as can excessive current demands. That is one of the reasons that you often hear checking to be sure electrical connections are tight on the list of annual maintenance items. 

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