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One of those days....


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I know this is more of a travel-log (off topic for the HDT forum), but I'm just excited bout hitting the road.

So after all the fall-der-all in Prineville, Or., we hit the road for Albany, Or. 141 miles. Piece of cake. NOT!

We really want to take hwy 20 from Prineville to Albany, but need to head the 'restricted truck length sign'. Over 57', needs to take hwy 58 which adds about 30+ min to the run. No big deal...

Well, there's several single lane parts where they are removing dead/burned trees. That adds another 30 min. Pretty drive however.

Then we drop into Eugene and decide to pull off I-5 and get a burger or something. I pull into a sprawling yet compact shopping center only to find out that there's no separate exit from the parking lot I pulled into. This is the most extreme 'oh crap' moment I have encountered. We caught a break when a car pulled out of a spot leaving several open spots for us to maneuver. We escaped with only a 30 min wait. Truck camera video HERE.  Wife said...'Park in the Best Buy lot. It's empty." Ya, should have listened.

After a 5 Guys gut bomb, we get back on I-5 for the last 20 miles to the RV park. Electronic freeway sign lights up and says "Bad Accident 19 miles ahead". Great. That's one mile before the offramp we need. 5 miles from the off ramp it's a parking lot. We idle in 3rd, creeping along for more than an hour. And it's 90+ out there.

We pull into the RV park (Blue OX) and are greeted by a nice park host. And "This is your rig?"

"Why yes it is."

"We typically don't allow semis in the park"

"Well, if it makes any difference, the registrations says motorhome." And I indicated that in the booking request that we are a Volvo semi pulling a 5er.

Her lips pursed, and she got on with the registration process.

So all told, a 2.5 hr. trip took 6. Truck chugged along just fine. It's going to be 111+ over the next few days. We're in thermal hell I think.

Oh, for the record, Blue Ox RV park does not have their park rules on their website. Once you read them, you would not really want to stay there unless you're into extreme control. They lay them on you when you arrive. If there was any place else to land, I'd eat the several hundred dollars for 2 weeks and move on. It's a nice park. Spaces are just a  bit (inches) wider than some in the same class but not much. 50% or more are long term campers.

And so it goes. And after the Prineville Derate thing, 'going' is good.


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Bumps in the road.  We have them once in a while, but all in all, I feel prety darn lucky to be able to enjoy travelling about and making new friends.  Last winter we were "broke down" for three weeks in Terlingua, TX, and another week in Midland.  It sure beat sitting at home.

And I for one, don't mind a travelogue.  Thanks.

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Robert what do you use for plotting your trips? I used to use Microsoft Streets and Trips before it went away. I discovered RV Trip Wizard and have been using that for a few years. It costs about $30 per year and you need an internet hookup but it has worked well. And I figure since it is online it is always current. Anyway I set a filter for Big Rig Access and it will only display those parks. Has been very helpful locating parks that take our rigs. It is not 100% accurate (I can't see how that would be possible) but their turn by turn directions are pretty good. But when I find an error I contact them and they make corrections.

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I also use "TripWizard" with Big Rig filter. It has not yet failed me on big rig access, but there are big rig friendly sites (Few) that are not posted when I find them. The only problem  Ihave had was 12 digits (after the decimal) on expenses which it would calculate.



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