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Best route to Burro Schmidt tunnel?


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This is a Southern Calif. question.

Next week I plan to drive my Toyota 4Runner from Kramer Junction to Lone Pine.

I intend to stop at the Boron Mine and then on to the Burro Schmidt tunnel. I know how to get to the tunnel via US-395 and Garlock, but haven't been there coming from the west. 

I am considering going via the California City area. I have never been this route and am asking suggestions as to which south-north route to take. I eventually want to make it to the CA-14/Red Rock Canyon-Randsburg "road".

It will just be my vehicle, no others. Thus, I need to avoid difficult areas in case of a breakdown or getting stuckl

Any suggestions?



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Out of curiosity, how did you end up going?  I just looked at the map for a good route through California City and on lap to the 14 and Red Rock Canyon.  I noticed the logical route took you right next to the Honda Proving Grounds (Nauritalia Road).  I haven’t been in California City for 25 years or more - before they built the prison there - so my knowledge is so dated as to be worthless.  Is that how you went?  Or did you just take the 58 to the 14?  I’m curious.

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