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Leaked Windows 11 build shows a Windows 10X-like interface


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A week from tomorrow we will have our Windows Interface changed and the pic below seems to be what it will look like. We will see June 24th, just eight days from today.

"A leaked build of what appears to be "Windows 11" is circulating. The shell looks a lot like the one that was part of Microsoft's cancelled Windows 10X variant.



There's still a little more than a week left before Microsoft officially unveils "the new Windows." A new leaked build, which appears to be legitimate, makes it seem as if the rumored "Windows 11" branding is likely to stick. In addition, as many of us expected, the new Windows 11 shell looks a lot like Windows 10X builds we've seen previously.

The leaked build -- which I first saw via XDA Developers (which credited BetaWorld on Baidu as the source) shows Build 21996.1 as the build number. This is from the "Cobalt" engineering branch. It also shows Windows Feature Experience Pack 321.14700.0.3 alongside the "Windows 11 Pro" dev build."

Much more and a lot of related links are in the full article here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/leaked-windows-11-build-shows-a-windows-10x-like-interface/

And more here:

"Windows 11: Is Microsoft having its Spinal Tap moment?

Microsoft has cranked the hype machine up to 11 for its next big Windows feature update. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

I can't get that scene from the classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap out of my head. You know, the one where dimwitted rocker Nigel Tufnel explains why the numbers on his amp all go to 11. "Well, it's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten."

In its long history, Microsoft has never been afraid to go full Nigel Tufnel.  

Throughout the first three decades of Windows, Microsoft cranked up its Hype Machine™ every two or three years to get the buying public excited about a new Windows version. Sometimes that hype served as a power washer to wipe away the stains of a previous, unloved version, like Windows 7 successfully cleaning up the mess left by Windows Vista. Sometimes it marked a genuine sea change, like the merging of the consumer and business lines in Windows XP. And sometimes it was just a pure cash grab.

But Windows 10 was supposed to mark the end of that hype cycle. Instead of "big bang" releases every few years, Windows 10 was going to usher in the Windows As A Service era, with new features arriving when they were ready, in easy-to-manage semi-annual feature updates that were free of cost and, more importantly, free of hype.

It was fun while it lasted."

That article is here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-11-its-one-louder-isnt-it/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=&mid=13403815&cid=2180787277&eh=


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Why not switch to Linux or Apple then? That not said meanly just that there are other options. Before the update system we have now folks blamed Microsoft for not protecting them from malware.

So what version of Windows are you running?

Linux and Apple still need updates:


Apple too:

Get the latest software updates from Apple

Keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your Apple product's security.

Note that after a software update is installed for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it cannot be downgraded to the previous version.


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"Microsoft's decision to dial up the version number has little to do with Windows and everything to do with the pandemic. Can you live with that? Can I live with that? Can businesses and enterprises live with that? Sure we can."

Traditionally, Microsoft has used bumping of version numbers and brand names to wash away the stain of a previous version -- like Windows 7 washing away Vista or Windows 10 washing away Windows 8 -- or for juicing up the PC upgrade cycle with its OEM partners.

But we don't have any stains to wash away here. Windows 10 is an excellent OS, the hardware that PCs have today is actually quite impressive, and Windows 10 takes advantage of all of that already. 

I mean, come on, we even have a Linux subsystem in Windows now that allows you to run all sorts of cool open source applications, even graphical ones. Did we have that in 2015? No.

Sparking life into the PC upgrade cycle

I think we can make an argument for Microsoft wanting to put a spark in the PC upgrade cycle because that inertia has been slowing down for a while due to a variety of factors -- but that's a whole other article.. 

Let's face it, the "stain" we have to wash away here has nothing to do with Windows -- and everything to do with thepandemic and all the other crazy junk the world has thrown our way for the past four years.

Perhaps this is more of a celebratory moment for Microsoft to say, "Hey, it's OK to go back in the water -- here's a new flashy-looking bathing suit to get you started. Oh, while you're at it, shave and get a haircut. And go buy a new PC, your clunker is old."

I think that there is a natural desire to see some tangible changes, especially if you compare the PC platform to the Mac. Then, of course, there's going to be the usual grousing from those that feel Microsoft isn't innovating enough or disposing of legacy things quickly enough. 

But we shouldn't allow that to cloud our thinking about why Microsoft does things the way it does. It's also not fair to impose the same rules and constraints on Microsoft's customers and developers as Apple does its own. 

Changes are coming at a reasonable pace

Microsoft could introduce a new Windows architecture based on ARM, containers, and all that stuff to make Windows behave more like Apple does with iPad and MacOS Monterey on Apple Silicon. But does it have the technical expertise and the ability to implement it? 

Yes, but it also can't afford to break things at the end of the day, or it will be a total disaster.

But the good news is Microsoft has been working on these things for quite some time, even though you might not have noticed them. The company has been openly discussing these sorts of changes at its BUILD conference and with partners. And the infrastructure for these changes -- such as for containerized and sandboxed apps that would have been rolled into Windows 10X -- is still there. 

Much more for aficionados here:  https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-11-a-glorified-theme-pack-we-can-all-live-with/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=&mid=13406286&cid=2180787277&eh=


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