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Loan for HDT is there a good Lender to use


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Do a search in the forum for Financing HDT and you should find some previous posts on this subject. 


To answer your question is there is no good source. It may be easier if you are buying new thru RVH Lifestyles but for used there are not many choices. You might be able to go thru a credit union that you might have a good relationship with, take a loan against another vehicle you have that us paid for, take a signature loan out, or like we did, take a loan against our 401k that my company I worked for allowed us to do and pay ourselves back the interest. 


You may need to get creative.

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You might try calling Ryder used truck sales and also U-Haul trucks sales and find out who their lending partners are then contact those lenders direct.  You can pretend to Ryder and U-Haul you are in the market to buy one of their trucks in order to get the info.  Might and might not work.

Also if you are former military or active then USAA of San Antonio may give you a loan if used truck not more than 3 years old.  Worth a call.  Interest rates on used vehicles may run higher than for new???

Also websites such as rvresources.com and fifthwheelest.com, Good Sam RV forums, etc. has info on this subject.  Google search shows many other hits.  Lots of options for info. Good luck.

Retired Acct and SEC CFP plus former pilot to two Texas Governors, etc.




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On 6/16/2021 at 1:03 AM, Kevin211 said:

where does one get a loan for these, my bank won't do it because it's not a "truck or RV" 

Less is more, if you are registering as an RV describe is as an RV.  If you are registering it as a truck describe it as a truck.  Don't try to explain anything else or you will confuse them and if they are confused no loan for you.


For us, I paid in cash but I did ask our local lender if they would finance it and they were happy todo as an RV as that is how I was registering it.

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I advise you to take out a regular consumer loan and subsequently buy yourself the desired car. In my opinion, it will be much more profitable and convenient.
I recently took out a loan to repair a car from https://www.vakuudetonlaina.com/. They have excellent deals, and it is possible to take out a loan even without a guarantor. Maybe something will suit you too.
 By the way, you could try and save money for the purchase. This is, of course, the correct thing. Teaches financial literacy and allows you to feel more confident.

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5 hours ago, cedric_wad1 said:

it will be much more profitable and convenient.

My experience has been that auto purchases are SELDOM profitable but loans are designed to be convenient.  Depreciation alone esp on new vehicles outpaces any opportunity for appreciation.  I think the common understanding is that new cars depreciate 25-30% upon registration and driving off the lot.

I actually have implemented the practice of paying myself loan payments and then have the cash when it comes time to buy. 

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