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2001 Volvo 770 for sale

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As promised in another thread, here are pics and details.  I'm sure I'll forget a few things first time around and have to edit as questions come along.

We bought this truck in April 2010 with 698k on the odometer.  It now has about 753k.  Current Ohio motorhome title.  So, here's a run down:  Cummins ISX 500hp w/ 3 stage engine brake, Eaton 10 spd three pedal auto shift, shore power, refrigerator, work station, bed is 3/16" steel, front portion was built by local welding shop,Trailersaver 3 bag hitch, rear was built by me, new bags and shocks at that time, new rear cab support, bags,shocks, leveling valve in 2014, re-man high pressure fuel pump in 2014, new clutch, throwout brg, input shaft seal, rear main seal, slave cylinder in 2019, all new tires Jan. 2021, 4 new batteries Dec. 2020, transmission synchronizer, x/y shifter and cooler/fluid all changed in 2021, engine coolant lines changed in 2019, a/c lines replaced, new rear shoes and drums in about 2014, new front brakes 2021 DOT inspection in April 2021, oil changed at 10k miles by me.  No oil analysis done.  It has about 5k or 6k on this oil change if you'd like to get it done.  As I was uploading pics it reminded me that I have Deep Space headlights ($1,000), the paint on the horizontal surfaces of the hood/fenders is flaking.  Also, I have an annoying coolant leak behind the air compressor.  That will be fixed.  Paint on the vertical surfaces of the bed needs re-finished.  All the black is Rustoleum for easy touch up work.  There is no bondo in this bed.

Did I leave anything out, you betcha.  It'll come to me later.  Oh yeah, there's a Weatherguard toobox on the deck and a BigBoyII ramp box on the rear that are included, but ramps are not.  Chocks and tie downs included.  No winch.  We drive on/off with no issues.  Total load/unload time is under 25 minute including getting out ramps and stowing them again.  Currently set up for 453 smart, bolt holes are there for an earlier model.

As it says in my signature, please don't pm me.  Email is listed, as is cell phone.  Call 8-8 EDT  If I don't answer, leave a message.  Oops.  Number not in signature.  513-284-6nine27

Almost forgot, asking $29,000 USD.  Unit is just off I-275 west of Cincinnati, OH  












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4 hours ago, HERO Maker said:

Well Rick!  That's a real fair price!!!!  That one won't last long!

Well Rocky, I hate to haggle.  I price it fair, and if someone wants to come pick it apart and point out flaws (it's 20 years old), someone else will snap it up.  I wan't going to post it until the other truck is ready, but life has been throwing us curve balls lately.  Might as well let someone else run it this summer.

Ad BTW, don't expect much in the way of a reply from 6-17 to 6-21.  I'll be on another motorcycle trip.  Priorities y'know.

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