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Class C 25' Dodge Xplorer Xcursion


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This is what I want except newer than 2001. Apparently they are in business after being bought.

Are there any used ones for sale or does one have to order directly from the factory? How much do they cost, ballpark?






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10 hours ago, etcetera said:

I specifically asked about Xplorer Xcursion, not 2021 Dynamax Isata that costs like a house. It's pretty clear from the subject.


Excuse me.  You also said you wanted newer than 2001.  You also said that they had been bought out.  I thought maybe Dynamax had bought them out and this was an example of the newer ones.

Pardon me for trying to help.


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On 6/11/2021 at 10:26 PM, Kirk W said:

Thank you.  Amazingly nothing newer than 2001. It's official. They are out of business, got some correspondence yesterday.  Meaning even if I got a 2001 model, there is zero support for it. The web site is apparently on cruise control with nobody managing it. 

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