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Looking for a less-congested national park?

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All of the major Utah parks plus South Rim were busy, not quite mobbed but that was most of a month ago.  Cedar Breaks is probably not too bad if it opened on schedule. Don't know about North Rim.

Minor parks probably not mobbed yet, Wupataki was mostly empty.

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I don't know why they included Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat'l Lakeshore as the campgrounds have always been full for 20+ years and that's a prime vacation area for non-campers.  Beautiful area!  We volunteered there for 9 seasons.

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Well Wind Cave tour reservations fill up by late morning, they told us to get there before nine AM if we wanted to get a slot. So it's as busy as it can be. Cedar Breaks is only open for three or four months a year. Including Alaskan parks is silly, some don't even have road access, I bet they have low visitation.

Any of the Island Parks or water parks like Voyager limit visitation by being inaccessible to most of the public.

They list is made up by people who don't know much about visiting parks. Some parks on the list just don't have the capacity to absorb many visitors. T Roosevelt has a single fairly short dead end road with few trails. They could not take many more visitors. The north unit is far to the north and most visitors aren't going to travel that far away from the interstate. And the ranger tell you not to waste your time visiting the ranch unit, there isn't anything there.

Lassen is a real gem tho, it's snowed in until July many years tho.Great Basin is very far off the track but worth a visit.  Black Canyon and Natural Bridges are far from any interstates too. Especially the north side of Black Canyon. Great Sand Dunes is another that probably has all the visitors it can take, there was quite a line of vehicles waiting to get in, last time we were there. And it's a favorite of locals too. That creek is very popular and the dunes are a kid favorite.

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