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15 minutes ago, whj469 said:

Thank all of you for your input regarding streaming. Can you stream say CNN in real time? I love the price as I currently pay about $200 monthly for DirecTV.

You can if you subscribe to one of the streaming packages, like YouTube TV, or Sling TV. Jay

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On 6/8/2021 at 4:07 PM, Velos said:

How do you watch TV?  Recently a satellite serviceman said satellite TV will be phased out, everything will be streamed.

This is what I understand so far:

  1. You need an internet connection and then a device on your TV ie ROKU or Firestick or??
  2. Then you need and APP ie Paramount+, Hulu, Netflix
  3. You can't record like a DVR but can watch most anything on their menu at any time
  4. You can pay for an upgraded service to have fewer commercials

Any tips or tricks, recommended apps or hardware appreciated...

I have Channel Masters OTA DVR with a one TB external hard drive. 

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5 hours ago, NamMedevac 70 said:

 "I have Channel Masters OTA DVR with a one TB external hard drive."

That sounds like a winner to me.  Cheers to you.



I have flown the twin engine Bell 212 helicopter that appeared in the movie Black Sunday.  Photos are in the  FB link.

The more options you have the better your chances. I have that OTA DVR, Apple TV and a Firestick. Between the three I can watch about everything. 

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