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With all due respect, I doubt this issue relates to your Plan G Medical Supplement.  It probably relates to managed care plans which UHC runs.  Medicare benefits are fixed and are determined by Medicare.  The "carrier" that write your Supplemental policy has no say as to what gets paid or how much.

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But the Supplemental carrier can be a slow payor and the hospital no longer wants to deal with them. I had problems with AARP in the past and willnot use them or UHC. I am a Escappes SD domicile and my only choices were AARP/UHC or Mutual of Omaha for a Medicare Supplement. I went with MofO.

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These contract renewal disputes occur from time to time with most health insurance carriers and the various service providers. The provider loss is usually relatively short lived. Last year a local hospital near our upstate NY cottage site dropped a regional Blue Cross/Blue Shield carrier, but their associated primary care clinics were on a separate contract and continued to accept BCBS. A few weeks later the hospital and BCBS kissed and made up, and all was well again.

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11 hours ago, whj469 said:

AARP supplemental Medicare policies are United Healthcare policies.

Thru very recent research on medicare website and others I find this not easy to find info buried way down the page, etc. 

If  a hospital or clinic, doctor, medical supplier agrees to accept medicare assignment payments then they cannot refuse to accept supplemental medicare medigap insurance policies such as my AARP UHC plan G or F, etc. 

I finally find a Reno Renown hospital financial critter who confirmed this to me on the phone even though Renown no longer list AARP as acceptable insurance on their website list of accepted insurance providers.  Whereas across town their competitor Saint Mary"s hospital has always and still does list AARP on their website.  Renown has been aggressively pushing their own Senior Care plus Medicare Advantage plan for many months now.

Because of their sorry sneaky attitude I will be using VA and Saint Mary's even more in the future.  Saint Mary's is rated higher in several crucial care categories on the Medicare compare website.

Both local news media and Renown were vague in their statements about UHC policies and led one to believe all UHC policies were not accepted.  

I am glad I have the VA hospital system and Saint Mary's available for backup and presently use VA for eye, dental, SA  and PC in addition to Renown.  Have used Saint Mary's in past for heart testing, etc.

Anyone doubt my info such as                      then just do your own digging as I have done.  I cannot see comments of certain others.  This info provided as a PSA only.  Cheers to many and none to a few.   

Retired Acct & SEC CFP and former legislative aide and pilot to two Texas Governors, State Senators, Army and NG Generals. 




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Medicare pays Medicare Advantage plans insurance companies a certain amount of federal medicare dollars for each enrollee in the plan and if the hospital, doctors or clinics accept Medicare Advantage plan payments then they are accepting medicare assignments (federal dollars) and according to Medicare. Gov website they have to accept your medicare supplemental insurance plan. The providers of health care  take medicare federal dollars when they accept payment from a Medigap or Advantage plan either directly or indirectly.

More info on this can also be found here on this website further down the page 

What is Medicare Advantage? - Medicare.net

Also Medicare.Gov encourages people to report law violators

"More important info on medicare assignment here and you can find out if your doctor or hospital accepts medicare assignment on that page/link!!!!!!!"

Lower costs with assignment | Medicare            (This is also Medicare.Gov)

My research is free of charge and this is a PSA from me.  Warning Check it out for yourself.  There is a reason all this is deliberately confusing to many.  Cheers and Happy Trails.




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