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Why are my groupers and snappers cooking into rubber??


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I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing...for years whenever i visit the carribian, most, not all, of the snapper and grouper i catch and cook turns into a rubbery shoe sole. Tried baking, grilling, and pan frying; tried filleting and whole; Tried thick cuts, thin cuts; Tried under cooking, tried overcooking; tried baking covered in foil to keep moisture in, and baking without foil.

In all of the above options, 80% of the time the meat comes out like rubber. On the bigger fish (~20" mangrove), the skin is unedible. WTF gives?! Online search says I'm overcooking, but i tried undercooking, with insides clearly raw, and got same results.

I never have this problem with cold water fish (bass, tog, sheepies, fluke, grey trigger, blues, even friggin stargazers etc).

desperate for help...tierd of turning prized fish into fish salad. thanks

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Welcome to our forum and I am so sorry NO ONE has answered your question as a new member.  Do different types of google searches for this question and also search on youtube videos and I am sure you will find the answer and a video.  Must be patient in your searches.  The YT videos have always been great demos for my questions on various methods of fishing, etc.   Post back the answer if you find it.  Cheers to you.



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