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Memorial Day


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Memorial Day

Begun in 1866 to honor Civil War Combatants, it was later expanded to honor all brave men and women who served this country in all wars.

Between cookouts, picnics, vacations and sales, Memorial Day may be losing its

meaning! Please take one minute, at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day to Remember and honor those brave men and women, who paid the piper that we may dance.


A Day to Remember

By Derek Gore


They gave their all, their lives, and the futures they held dear,

They left behind a legacy of sadness and of tears.

A folded flag, the sound of Taps, the pride mixed in their leaving,

With heads held high, and tears in eye, the loved ones still are grieving.

Remember them.


Went in harm's way, so young, and they never will grow older,

Leaving memories, and pictures, citations in a folder.

They left their sons, their little girls, to grow up wondering why,

Their daddy that they loved so well, went off to war to die.

Remember them.


For some it changed, and mother, was the casualty of war,

The arms that hugged them never would again, forevermore.

Yet all were sons and daughters, and left behind an ache,

In the hearts of those, whose turn should come, before their children's wake.

Remember them.


They rest in peace, some say, and who am I to doubt it?

The higher purpose it was served, the enemy was routed.

Some came home, some never went, some only watched the news,

But they will never hold their child, or argue current views.

Remember them


It wasn't meant, in leaving, when they all marched off to war,

That we'd be left without them, from the cannon's deadly roar.

I'm sure that they, would rather, have been here for all of us,

But someone had to fight those wars, someone pay the cost.

Remember them


At 3 PM, this Monday, my flag will fly half mast,

As all across the nation, floats the somber sound of Taps.

It's only for one minute, or maybe three or four,

In tears, I will remember, those who died in every war.


© RV Roadie / Derek Gore 2002


Taps and Amazing Grace can be downloaded here to play at 3PM on Memorial Day local time for a national moment of remembrance:


How to observe Memorial Day




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Thanks for posting this! I think it is losing its meaning as well.

As a kid we would go to church on that Sunday and then we would visit all the graves of our family members. We would clean them up and leave bouquets of flowers. After we had visited all the various cemeteries we would then have a family picnic/pot luck/BBQ at one of the families houses, generally whichever had the largest yard (not house) for us all to gather as a family. As family members have spread out all over the country from our family roots we no longer are able to do that. Sad but a reality. Just one other thing that has been lost to our mobile and internet connected society. 

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Thank you for sharing your poem Derek, it touched me. Today I visited my brother-in-laws grave, removed the coins, cleaned up his and my sisters headstone then replaced the coins, two nickels and a dozen pennies. There were no quarters because his river patrol boat hit a mine while he was on R&R, killing all aboard. He never recovered from being the sole survivor because he was elsewhere at the time. He quietly lived with feelings of guilt since 1968 until his death in 2017 from Agent Orange.


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