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What have I done...


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We just picked up our truck from Jack and Company at RVH with our new bed and goodies installed!



We liked the new look of the truck so much we decided to buy a new trailer to go with it.  What have I done...

We went back and forth a bunch whether to order a new toy hauler or not.  We finally decided that the uncertainty of lead times and even what equipment our trailer would come with (dealer wasn't sure if what we ordered would be what we got) we decided to find a dealer-stock trailer that was close to what we would order.  We found one that was 90% of what we would have ordered.  So, after making the round trip from Wisconsin to Kansas (in two days) for the truck, we went up to Duluth MN and looked at the trailer dealer we found on the internet.  (That makes 2300 miles in 3 days...)

We came to a deal and pulled the trigger.  Now we have two toy haulers.  (Oh boy...)  Anybody looking for a nice, preowned, well cared for, affordable toy hauler?

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Thank you all!

Truck first:  Wheelbase is about 205".  Bed total length is 7-1/2'.  The flat is 4-1/2' from the drom to the hitch.

Our new trailer is a Grand Design Momentum 397TH.  We really like the layout of this coach and the living space that's usable with the garage full.  We are gaining quite a few things:  another 18" in the garage, a dinette in the salon, King size bed, and a second bathroom we will probably never use, to name a few...


We already have an appointment to take it down to MORryde for full independent suspension installation this winter (this was always part of the plan).  The two items we are missing on the trailer we would have gotten if we would have ordered are: Insulated glass and a heat pump on the center AC.

We can live without the insulated glass, and since we may eventually add a third AC in the rear, we will take the center one and put it in the back and add the heat pump AC to the center.

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Love the truck! Great job on the bed! 

Nice floor plan on the Trailer! Congrats. 
While you’re at Morryde , ask them to replace the stock bearings with Timkin USA bearings. It’s an option they offer on the IS install. You won’t regret it. 

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10 hours ago, Tahoe Shark said:

How long did Jack have your truck to complete the work?

They had it for a while down in KS.  Through the tail end of much of the Covid BS that cause many delays in raw materials and such.  It was there longer than I would have liked, BUT, we didn't need the truck through the winter, the delays were out of everyone's control and Jack and company did a great job in the end.  I am very happy with the results.

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15 hours ago, crazybanshee said:

Great looking truck. Fine choice on the toy hauler. This is our fifth season in our 397th and it has been a great unit. The dual pane windows are a great feature in ours.

Yes, that was something I really wanted to get.  Oh well, sometimes you need to make concessions.

Have you done any modifications that you recommend?

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Wow, great that you sold it, but I dont want to be around that rig going down the freeway, esp when loaded and in high winds.  Looks like a Ram 2500 with "it has a diesel so it will pull it".  I met someone that had a 33' Teton for sale, which I ended up buying.  He told me a story of someone coming to look at the trailer in a F250.  He asked if they intended to tow with that truck, and with affirmation, declined to show it let along sell it to them.  He told them it would be unsafe and would not participate.

Understandably his opinion, but at least he was maintaining safety as the better direction.  I thank him.  I am not passing judgement, just continuing my own direction.

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The lower the driver's level of skill and experience...(not managing vehicle energy, not anticipating traffic, not understanding traction, not understanding wind, thinking climbing a grade is a race, etc etc)

The more an "over spec'd" truck can save the situation. 




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