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lithium battery upgrade


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I want to change out my lead acid batteries for lithium. My current setup is below.

Xantrex Freedom MS 858 inverter charger (battle horn batteries says this will charge my batteries if I set it on gel 2)

Xantrex c40 PWM solar controler

4 100 watt solar panels

4 golf 6 volt cart batteries

Below is the system I am looking at installing.

3 battle horn 100ah batteries

victron MPPT 100/50 solar controller

victron BVM 702 or 712 battery monitor

My questions is have I left any out or am I buying something I do not need? All input is sincerely appreciated.



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Except for the solar, I put a similar setup in my fiver and I couldn't be happier.  FWIW, I bought most of my stuff from https://theinverterstore.com/ and went with AIMS batteries.  Same specs and size as the BB and much better price and warrantee.  I'm going on 3 years with them and no problems at all. When you call, ask if they have any promos and they'll knock off a few bucks.

Go lithium and you'll never go back to LA.

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A Victron MPPT controller may make your existing panels a little more efficient but unless you are adding more solar that is an expensive upgrade that will only marginally increase your solar output.  You will really like the lithium batteries.  I just installed 800 ah of diy lithium for our 5er.  

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Don't forget that you cannot charge the lithium batteries when temperature gets below 32 degrees F. So either make sure they are in a heated bay or have a way to warm the batteries up. You can get some batteries with heaters built in. 


My battery bay is not heated and I am having a hard time finding heated ones that will fit so I am trying to decide if I want to move them to my basement. 


We were in below freezing temp in Texas early this year, do it does happen even if you try to avoid the cold. 

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I had the same concerns, but by moving the batteries from the front compartment to under the steps in the basement, I actually gained considerable space that wasn't previously being used.  Much more convenient for wiring, too.  Besides gaining the space in the front compartment, I also reconfigured the basement wall.

We moved into our fiver during the Texas freeze so the basement stayed nice and warm, but I also put cutoff switches on each battery so I can positively shutdown everything if needbe.  It was probably overkill to also install a small cube heater on a thermostat switch in the basement as I hope that was a once in a lifetime storm for Texas.

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It appears the PWM controller has adjustable charge algorithms which would allow you to use it with the battle born batteries.  With that knowledge, I would probably start with just the batteries and the battery monitor and only upgrade the charge controller later if it didn’t do the job properly with the lithium batteries.  

As for the battery monitor, stay with either the BMV 712 or the Victron Smart Shunt.  Take the 702 off the list.  The 712 and the Smart Shunt do exactly the same thing.  They both have the same wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.  This allows you to connect your smart phone to them through an app to get all the information you would ever want to know about your batteries.  The 712 also comes with a remote display you can mount somewhere to view your battery status.  The 702 does not have Bluetooth or a wireless option.

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