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Boondocking-Gerlach, NV


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i have spent many trips north and east of gerlach, love the place great place to watch the night sky. turn off all lights sit outside and watch the show.

NO services of any kind. can get gas in gerlach, very small store in nixon, i believe there is a restaurant in gerlach.

been some years since the last time i was up there.

bring three time as much water as you think you will need. very dry, and watch out for soft spots on the "dry" lake bed, dry on top but wet under. as no tow service to help you.

bring everything you might want as there is nowhere to get anything. water, fuel, food, water, spare car, water. satellite phone. never drink the spring water up there as is very bad for the body.

great place to be all alone, but not always best to be alone there. (aka: another car,truck,etc).

and if you drive south to get back to a city watch out for the tribal land areas as the police will site you, steep down grade and cop at the bottom in a 25 mph zone.

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Hit the playa about a month ago, surprisingly dry for the season.  My first time, went in via 12 Mile entrance and it was well tracked.  Barely got VZ 4g with an s9+, i have an older weboost booster that only helped marginally.  Newer tech may help.  Everyone says to stay north and west of 12 mile, it can get muddier as you get closer to Gerlach and toward the east side (there is a seasonal stream that runs north south that we had to cross when we were there).  We hit 3 of the hotsprings around there, was super fun!

South of Gerlach I saw multiple rigs out in the valleys, lots of places to boondock near the road.  

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