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The Pete, now has new exhuast system from the Turbo, to the mufflers.

mr. cob

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Howdy All,

Man what a job, I started on this thinking that all I needed to do was replace the "Y" pipe and the straight pipe in-between the turbo down pipe and the "Y" pipe.  As I started to take it apart, every part I touched fell apart from rust on the INSIDE, the outside of the parts looked to be in fairly good shape.  So I ended up replacing all the pipes and clamps from the turbo to the underside of the mufflers which were still good.

Doing this while being pretty gimped up, crawling around under the truck in a dirt driveway, with inadequate tools, and no knowledge of the can of worms I was opening was a most humbling experience.  The Peterbilt, shop wanted over a 1,000 dollars in labor, 250 bucks hazardous waste disposal fee and close to 200 smackers for shop supplies.   So I bought the parts and goterdone; and what a job it was, trying to hold these parts in position while installing clamps, was the worst part.  I had to build supports out of cardboard boxes and pieces of wood to kinda hold things in place, putting the flex tube onto the chrome elbows that go into the bottom of the mufflers while at the same time getting that same flex tube onto the "Y" pipe as enough to make a sane man cry as I am "Semi-Sane" I just cussed a lot.  It's DONE, it's as quiet as a Big Yeller Kitty, should be, I am sure my neighbors will be as pleased as I am. :D







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kus icant sqel
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13 hours ago, Chad Heiser said:

Congratulations Dave.  I’m glad you were able to get it done.

Howdy Chad,

Thanks for the congratulations, in this particular case it is warranted, I was honestly daunted by the task and had sought outside professional help but the shops were either booked out for weeks or the cost was just not in my opinion reasonable.

In a shop equipped with a lift, proper tools, one man knowing what he was doing with an occasional hand from another to position parts should have been able to do this job in 2.5-3 hours maximum.  It took me probably 10 hours in the conditions I had to work with but once I tore it apart I had to get it back together, or get it towed to a shop and then wait 3-5 weeks to get it put back together.


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